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Ready in just a few days - The Website Garage are confident we can build you a professional website that you will be proud of to advertise your business.

Are you a small business, a start-up, a tradesman or someone that simply wishes to start their online venture on a smaller budget? If this is you, we can provide the service you're looking for at a cost which carries exceptional value!

We're based in Thorpe Marriott, Taverham, Norwich; so we expect most of our customer's to be in this area. However, we've built website's for customers much further afield as it's easy to communicate designs by phone and across the internet.

Don't be misled by the low cost - your finished product will be very well made, match your requirements and brand, built with longevity in mind, coded by professionals with years of experience in web design!

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Simple, transparent

Your time is precious - and we do not want to waste it! We are being completely transparent with our prices by displaying them on our website.

Our pricing schedule is laid out clearly on our website, so you know how much you would need to budget for - and more importantly what you are getting for your money!

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Some of the websites
we've built

RH Lindsay Plumbing and Heating Contractors

Here's some great guys we've worked with recently. Fully responsive website, with modern animations which clearly portrays their brand and services.

View their site

Giddings Motorcycles

A great website build! We had the task of working with Andy Giddings at matching the website with the current branding.

View their site

Liz Douglas Acupuncture

Working with Liz to put her website together was a pleasure. It's a new business venture and we're proud to be a part of it.

View their site

SPA UPVC Products

A lovely website with lots of entrance animation as you scroll down the screen. We were happy to bring their brand to life online.

View their site

Bird on a wire

This website was built from communications over the phone and emails. We've never met, but we achieved a positive result!

View their site