How it works

You can trust The Website Garage to build, host and look after your website going forward. If you want it to grow, we can assist with this - or if you're intended on leaving it be we're happy with this too.

After you've made contact, here are the steps:

  • Initial payment

    We'll invoice for the website payment and the first months hosting on agreement. Not to worry - we'll get your website live in just a few days!

  • We'll register your domain name and email

    We'll purchase your domain name (your website address). This can take a day for the registrar to set up, so best to get this purchased as soon as possible. Once ready, we'll configure your business email account(s) and send instructions so you can set up on your device(s).

  • Plan the wording you'll need to provide

    We'll ask you to write up the paragraph content for agreed sections of your website. With the utmost respect this is usually the part that takes the longest - so the sooner you can provide this, the sooner we can finish your website! No need to worry about imagery as we can source this. However, if you would like to provide images and photographs that would be awesome!

  • Your website design is underway

    The design of your website is now at 'full steam ahead' - please send your paragraph content as soon as it's ready (either in chunks or in one go).

  • We're ready for your approval

    A day or two later your web design will be complete. We'll send you a private link to view your working website!

  • Go live!

    Once we have your approval - we can put your shiny new website live!